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A Long time ago. . .

         Peace was not an easy thing to come by. Especially for the Clans. At the time of destruction, Moonstar led ThunderClan, Breezestar led WindClan, Tidestar led RiverClan, and Wildstar led ShadowClan. For the Clans, it was a time of destiny, as said by StarClan in a prophecy. Little did the Clans know, their destiny was for the time of four Clans to be over. Tidestar and Breezestar never wanted peace. They blamed eachother and the other leaders for everything: prey stealing, border-crossing, and even bad luck! Finally, the two leaders abandoned the Warrior Code and their territories.
        Each leader became a rogue, and their Clans separated for different lives. Soon, Moonstar and Wildstar were the only ones left with their Clans, ThunderClan and ShadowClan. By the will of StarClan, ThunderClan split in half. Breezeflame became Breezestar and led the new WindClan, and ShadowClan split and Tidewave became Tidestar and led the new RiverClan. Although the Clans were back, they fought more fiercely than before. The Warrior Code was broken more, and now the Clans are in need or help. . .
The Clans need you.

Choose wisely.

You may become a Wild Cat. . .

Or not.

Your choice. . .

Wild By Heart

Welcome to Wild By Heart, my Warrior Cats RP website! My name is Sky, and I own this website! I am the creator and the graphic designer for WBH. This website took a while to make, and I'm quite proud of it! Please make sure to follow the rules and have fun roleplaying on the site!



Copyright 2016-17. All of this site's content is courtesy to Sky and the Wild staff. Please contact Sky if you would like to use one of the ideas, and she will help you. Do not, for any reason, use one of Sky's graphics. You may ask her to make you a graphic, though.


    ThunderClan is having a good New-Leaf. They're recovering from the harsh snow and weather from Leaf-Bare, and they're ready to start anew. Warriors are coming back with more and more prey, and apprentices are training hard!

      WindClan isn't doing as well as their woodland neighbors. The heavy snow of last season is still lingering over WindClan, keeping many rabbits underground. Although their luck isn't great, WindClan will recover.

       RiverClan is doing as well as ever! Fish are swimming fast through the rivers, creeks, and especially the lake where RiverClan lives. Warriors and apprentices have lots of fish to eat daily. 

        ShadowClan is doing just fine. Like ThunderClan, they're recovering from the harsh Leaf-bare and going into a sunny, warm New-Leaf in their territory.

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